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Identity Fraud

Committed by the Government Against the People

by Thomas Marvin Maxwell & Ken Gullekson

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Unbeknownst to most people, there are two classes of citizenship in the United States of America. 

One of these classes of citizenship carries the inalienable rights guaranteed by
the declarations of rights expressed in all the state constitutions and the Bill of Rights articulated in the federal constitution.  This class of citizenship is called “state citizenship.”

The other class of citizenship carries no such rights.  This class of citizenship is deceptively called “citizenship of the United States” (or "U.S. citizenship") a benign-sounding term that sound like good old American citizenship, but isn’t.

People born in one of the several states are born with state citizenship and inalienable rights.  The problem is that government tricks us into switching our citizenship from state citizenship to “U.S. citizenship” and waiving our inalienable rights in the process.

This little known fact of law accounts for the majority of rights violations perpetrated by government, law enforcement, and such agencies as the IRS
.  Because state citizenship and the inalienable rights it carries are rarely, if ever, mentioned by the media and government officials, their existence are almost completely unknown.

Identity Fraud: Committed by the Government Against the People
conclusively proves the existence of these two classes of citizenship and the fact that a “U.S. citizen” does not have the inalienable rights possessed by state citizens.

This book is the result of exhaustive and exacting research.  It reveals exactly why the government gets away with trampling our rights, how it got this way, and what we can do to stop it.  This is not a rehash of old theories and useless generalities.  This book provides fresh answers and real solutions

About the Authors

Thomas Marvin Maxwell was a legal researcher and the author of two books: 1) What You Need To Know About The California Code, an eye-opening exposé of the California Code and its failure to meet constitutional requirements for valid law; and 2) The Truth About The California Vehicle Code, an exposé of the mechanism by which the California Vehicle Code is used to undermine the right of the people to use the public highways for private (non-commercial) purposes.  Thomas is now deceased.

Ken Gullekson is a professional writer and legal researcher.  He writes and directs educational videos and is the author of The Great American Income Tax Ripoff, an exposé of the truth about the income tax, the hidden agenda of the Federal Reserve, and the mechanism by which the government has undermined our freedoms.  He is also the author of The Brink of Tomorrow, a New Age novel.


"I must say that you have done an excellent job of pulling the information together....  I feel that the information is important for people to have so they can better appreciate how they are losing (have lost) so many of their freedoms....  The bottom line is that your book deserves to be read by everyone."
— G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island.

"This book is a must read for anyone interested in how the U.S. Constitution's individual protections have been gutted.  It is extensively researched and footnoted, and shows how deceptively applied legislation, and federal court decisions allowing it, have altered our once free country.  I heartily recommend this book."
— Joel Rice, former Chair Region 63 California Libertarian Party.

"Maxwell and Gullekson have uncovered principles of law not well understood by attorneys and not known at all by the general public.  Their arguments are thoroughly supported by substantial case law, and their research makes clear the fact that the courts know about the identity fraud perpetrated on the American people by Congress but are passively complicit in allowing it to continue."
— Charles Key, Oklahoma State Representative 1986-1998, author of Final Report

Questions & Answers

Doesn't the Government Simply Ignore My Inalienable Rights?

    * No.  But it has tricked you into voluntarily giving up your inalienable rights without your knowledge.  Knowing you have waived your rights, the government is legally free to treat you as having no rights.

How Did I Waive My Inalienable Rights?

    * Primarily, you waived your inalienable rights when you applied for a Social Security Number (although there are other government mechanisms which accomplish the same thing).  On the application form for your Social Security Card, when you answered the "Citizenship" question, you unwittingly renounced your native state citizenship and adopted "U.S. citizenship," waiving your inalienable rights in the process.

I Don't Remember Changing My Citizenship!

    * Of course not.  The "Citizenship" question on the Social Security application uses deceptive language that sounds like "good old American citizenship," but means something quite different.  That's how the government succeeded in tricking you.

What Citizenship Did I Renounce and What Citizenship Did I Adopt?

    * You were born as a citizen of your state.  "State citizenship" carries all the inalienable rights protected by your state constitution and the federal constitution.  That's the citizenship you renounced.  The citizenship you adopted is "citizenship of the federal government."  This class of citizenship is called "citizenship of the United States" (or "U.S. citizenship").  As this term has the ring of "good old American citizenship," most people think it refers to citizenship which is protected by the Constitution.  It's not.

But the Media and Courts Constantly Talk About Rights!

    * The talk we hear of rights always focuses on "civil rights."  "Civil rights" are a completely different class of rights.  They are not protected by the Constitution and may be taken away by legislation.  We rarely, if ever, hear anyone in the media or government talk about inalienable rights.  That's because, by applying for a Social Security Card, most Americans have long since waived their inalienable rights and adopted "citizenship of the United States."

Can This Be Proven?

    * Yes!  Citing a pattern of court rulings numbering more than a dozen and stretching back to 1872, Identity Fraud: Committed by the Government Against the People proves conclusively that the courts clearly recognize both classes of citizenship and have declared "U.S. citizens" not protected by either the federal constitution or the several state constitutions.  Because the waiver of rights attendant with the adoption of "citizenship of the United States" has been hidden in case law, the actual reason our rights have been eroding has been overlooked by most rights activists.  People have thought our rights were simply being ignored when all along we have voluntarily (but unwittingly) given them up!

Is There Any Way to Reclaim Our Inalienable Rights?

    * Yes!  Because the government failed to disclose the fact that you were waiving your inalienable rights upon application for your Social Security Card, your adoption of "citizenship of the United States" and the resultant waiver of rights never legally took place.  By citing this fraud, you can reclaim your inalienable rights.

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