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The Brink of Tomorrow

New Age fiction by Ken Gullekson

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Dale Carey Greene is young, rich, bright, articulate . . . and profoundly disfigured. He has one of the most severe cases of Proteus syndrome commonly known as Elephant Man's Disease on record. Fearing the cruel stares and harsh judgment of strangers, he remains isolated on his parent's massive estate. He would be completely disconnected from society were it not for his father's radio station, where he hosts a nine-to-midnight talk show in the privacy of his own announce booth. Here he shares brilliant metaphysical wisdom with his listeners until . . . they demand a personal appearance, and he must face his darkest fears.

The Brink of Tomorrow weaves the wisdom of modern metaphysics into a gripping journey of self-discovery as Dale faces heart- pounding dread, a grievous error in judgment, an ignominious fall from grace, the abyss of despair, profound introspection, and ultimate redemption. It is a heartbreaking — and heartwarming — story of personal growth and transformation.

The Brink of Tomorrow is metaphysical fiction at its best.

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About the author

Ken Gullekson majored in physics and worked as a mechanical design engineer in aerospace, manufacturing, and entertainment
designing mechanical stuff for the Walt Disney Company. Eventually tiring of engineering, Ken launched a second career in film and video production. This was not altogether out of character for him. Even while studying science in college, he constantly jotted story ideas and made student films. And while working as an engineer, his overriding passion remained storytelling and filmmaking. It was toward the end of this career that the idea for The Brink of Tomorrow struck. Not long after, he quit engineering for good and dove into his passion, making his living since then writing and producing instructional video.

Toward the end of his engineering career, Ken discovered an interest in metaphysics and began a study of it that now spans 30 years. Interestingly, the principles of quantum physics that he studied in college squared with those of metaphysics and he found resonance between science and spirituality. At the same time, he discovered an ability to describe the wisdom of metaphysics in terms others could understand. This ability, plus his passion for crafting inescapably compelling stories, figured prominently in writing The Brink of Tomorrow.

The history of The Brink of Tomorrow is kind of interesting in itself. After conceiving the core of the story and putting together a lengthy synopsis, The Brink of Tomorrow sat on the shelf for several years with what seemed intractable story problems. Then, while drifting off to asleep late one night
after writing into the wee hours on another novel inspiration suddenly hit and served him with a comprehensive solution to the intractable story problems of The Brink of Tomorrow. Suddenly wide awake, Ken got up and started jotting the solution on 3x5 cards. Well into the next day he jotted ideas and scenes on cards, ultimately bringing the whole story into full view. The story you will read is the result of that inspiration.

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Feb 10 2010
0965313654 / 9780965313650
US Trade Paper
6" x 9"
Black and White
Fiction / Visionary & Metaphysical

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