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When A Fan Hits the Sh*t

the rise and fall of a phony charity

by Jeanine Renne

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Strap yourself in for a wild ride through lies, pseuicides, movie stars, phony identities, counterfeit charities, fake male appendages, and all the rest of this stranger-than-fiction exposé of the bane of "Rings" fandom, Bit of Earth.

This is a tale of con artistry and manipulation that succeeded in shaking down not only ordinary Joe Shmoes and mom-and-pop businesses, but also celebrities from the cast and crew of New Line Cinema's blockbuster Lord of the Rings film trilogy.  People who read this story compare it to watching a
building burn, just to see who gets out alive.

When A Fan Hits the Sh*t is a revelation of the depths some people will go to fulfill their fantasies.  With no regard for the well being of those they hurt, the perpetrators of this con went to unbelievable lengths to maintain the scam.

The events described in When A Fan Hits the Sh*t really took place.  Documentation is available on credible websites, in the public records of the Oregon Department of Justice, from the testimonies of the people involved, and in two overstuffed file folders in the back cabinet by the author's desk.  

Every true Lord of the Rings films fan owes it to himself or herself to read When A Fan Hits the Sh*t.

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September 2004
US Trade Paper
6" x 9"
Black and White
Non-fiction / True Crime

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